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Bill Pay

The FNBEA Go service with Bill Payment provides all the features of mobile banking while adding the ability to pay bills electronically. Each customer can:

  • Establish a personal list of bill payee's.
  • Pay bills on demand (i.e. single payments, when the customer chooses).
  • Establish a payment schedule for bill payee's, such as weekly, monthly, etc.

To register for internet banking, login to FNBEA Go or call 870-633-3112 for assistance. 

Step 1:

Go to FNBEA Go or open your FNBEA Go mobile app

Step 2:

Click "Pay a bill" on the dashboard or "Bill Pay" on the left-hand menu.

Step 3:

Click "Enroll"

Step 4: 

Click "OK"

Once Enrolled

Step 5:

Click "Add Payee"

Step 6:

Enter account password and click "Submit"

Step 7:

Choose "Company" or "Person"

Step 8:

Follow the prompts to choose method of payment and set up the payee's contact and payment information.

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