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Job Description:

Job Requirements:
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Good interpersonal communication skills, ability to operate standard office equipment such as adding machine, etc.
Skills Required:
  • Experience in 10-key-calculator to perform the processing of daily transactions.
  • Understand banking concept of debits equal credits.
Job Summary: 
  • In training capacity, performs a variety of duties to provide customer service by paying and receiving monies and keeping accurate records of all transactions. Providing prompt, efficient, and friendly service. Acknowledges customer needs with suggestions appropriate to the bank's services. Maintains a good relationship with customers and employees. Follows the established bank policies and procedures for this position and follows the supervisor's direction.
Primary Duties:
  • Receives checks and cash for deposits to accounts, verifies amounts, examines checks for proper endorsement.
  • Cashes checks and processes withdrawals, pays out money after verification of signatures and customer balances.
  • Promotes and explains other financial institution services such as safe deposit boxes, traveler's checks, money orders, etc.
  • Receives loan and other payments.
  • Place holds on accounts for uncollected funds. 
  • Counts, checks, and packages currency and coins.
  • Balances cash drawer at the end of the day. Reports any discrepancies to the supervisor as set forth in the teller-training manual. 
  • Ensures that the teller station is properly stocked with forms, supplies, etc.
  • Reports malfunctions of teller equipment used at teller station.
  • Is responsible for checking night depository bags and recording proper information on the financial institution's forms.
  • Follows all regulatory guidelines for bank compliance.
  • Responsible for all assignments made by the supervisor.

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